30TH JULY 1949 WHEN NKRUMAH  RESIGNED FROM THE UGCC TO FORM THE CCP A MAN OF THE PEOPLE Achimota,all its six pupils in 1926.Dr.Aggrey,Attakora andThe Matron, AGGREY HOUSE ACHIMOTA SCHOOL 1929 amercian singer marian anderson,Ralph Bunche,Governor Averell Harriman and Kwame Nkrumah Azikiwe meets Nkrumah CHEERFUL SUPPORTERS OF NKRUMAH Christiansborg Castle CLR JAMES WITH RAYA DUNAYEVSKAYA AND GRACE LEE DURING THE 1940 COLLEGE HALL,LINCOLN UNIVERSITY WHERE KWAME NKRUMAH HAS HIS PHILOSOPHY LECTURES CORETTA SCOTT KING,RICHARD NIXON,PATRICIA NIXON AND MARTIN CPP CAMPAIGN VAN CPP POSTER Dag Hammarskjold greeting Kwame Nkrumah 1961 Delegates at the African Union at Addis Ababa 1963 delegates attending Belgrade conference.Yugoslavia August 1961 Dr.Aggrey and Rev. Alec G. Fraser DR.AGGREY Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia leader of opposition DR.RALPH J.BUNCHE,REV.MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AT THE GHANA INDEPENDENCE DU BOIS AND NAMDI AZIKIWE Du Bois attending President Nkrumah Inaugration,Accra,Ghana 1960 Duchess of Kent and Kwame Nkrumah independence ball.1957 Egyptian President Gamal Abdul,Kwame Nkrumah and President Jawaharla Nehru at UN confrence Fathia,W.E.B. Dubois,Kwame Nkrumah and Shirley Graham Dubois in Ghana on 95th of Dr.Dubois FBI MATERIALS FBI FIFTH PAN AFRICAN CONGRESS IN MANCHESTER Founding leaders of the Non-Aligned States meet in New Yoork 1960 founding leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement Front Fronti Frontii Frontiii Frontiiii Fronts GHANA LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY GHANA LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY ASSEMBLY.jpg 2 Ghana's Legislative Assembly just before independence HARLEM,FOOD MARKET IN HARLEM,NEW YORK BY LEWIS HIME JAMES FORT PRISON Jawaharlal Neru of India and Nkrumah at Belgrade confrenece Jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, his wife and Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah 1956 JOHN GUNTHER A FAMOUS JOURNARLISTS JOURNAL OF THE GRADUTE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION,WITH KWANE NKRUMAH LISTED UNDER AFRICA kofi baako,kojo botsio,kwame nkrumah and Wiley T.Buchanan at Lincoln Memorial kojo,che guevara,kwame nkrumah and two cuban officials KWAME AT A FUNCTION IN ACCRA KWAME NKRUMAH ADDRESSING A CPP RALLY IN ACCRA (2) Kwame Nkrumah addressing a CPP rally in Accra Kwame Nkrumah and Governor Noble Arden Clarke Kwame nkrumah and Marshal tito at the United Nation General Assembly Kwame Nkrumah and other officials driving through streets of Accra,March 1957 KWAME NKRUMAH AND PRONCESS ANNE AT BALMORAL CASTLE AUG.12.1959 Kwame Nkrumah and Richard M.Nixon at White House reception at Washington kwame nkrumah and wiley buchanan at Mt.Vernon.USA Kwame Nkrumah arriving at Accra Sports arena Kwame Nkrumah arriving in Addis Ababa Ethiopia for the OAU Confrence 1963 with Emperor Hali Selasie Kwame Nkrumah at Accra sports arena 1957 Kwame Nkrumah at Accra sports arena KWAME NKRUMAH AT PRINCESS MARGARET'S WEDDING IN UK.1960 Kwame Nkrumah crowns Miss Ghana Queen.Ghana,Decmember 1959 Kwame Nkrumah flanked by his Lieutenants at the Independence celebrations grounds,1957 Kwame Nkrumah laying a wreath at Washington's tomb Kwame nkrumah standing Richard A. Butler and Duchess of Kent at Accra Airport Kwame Nkrumah visits Washington's tom 1958 Kwame Nkrumah with Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt Kwame Nkrumah with his mother,Madam Nyanibah at Tarkwa soon after his return to the Gold Coast in 1947 kwame nkrumah,modibo keita and sekou toure Kwame Nkrumah,the Queen of England and Prince Philip,the Duke of Edinburgh 1961 KWAME NKRUMAH KWMAE NKRUMAH PORT OF PHILADELPHIA LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MAN OF THE PEOPLE 2 MAN OF THE PEOPLE 3 MAN OF THE PEOPLE 4 MAN OF THE PEOPLE 5 MAN OF THE PEOPLE MARCUS GARVEY,PRINCE KOJO TOVALOU-HOUENOU AND GEORGE O.MARKE Marshel tito and african delegate kwame nkrumah during a celemony for Belegrade confrence 1961 MARTHIN LUTHER KING AND WIFE AT THE GHANAIAN INDEPENDENCE CEREMONIES Martin Luther King Jnr MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AT THE INDEPENCE PARADE GROUNDS MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI Mr and Mrs Nkrumah MRS.AND MRS NIXON MU CHAPTER LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MUHAMMAD ALI AND NKRUMAH 28 FEBRUARY 1964 NANA YAW AWUAH II OMANHENE OF AWUA DOMANSE AND NKRUMAH NKRUMAH 19 NKRUMAH 20 NKRUMAH 21 NKRUMAH 22 NKRUMAH 24 NKRUMAH 25 NKRUMAH 26 NKRUMAH 27 NKRUMAH 30 NKRUMAH 32 NKRUMAH 33 NKRUMAH 35 NKRUMAH 37 NKRUMAH 38 NKRUMAH 39 NKRUMAH 41 NKRUMAH 48 nkrumah adressing the rally in hotel theresa in Harlem.1960 nkrumah and arden clarke nkrumah and arden clarke.jpg 2 nkrumah and arden clarke.jpg 3 nkrumah and arden clarke.jpg 4 nkrumah and arden clarke.jpg3 nkrumah and Dag hammerskjold 1961 NKRUMAH AND DR. KAMUZU BANDA nkrumah and fathia in a procession to parliament nkrumah and fidel castro nkrumah and friends at independence grounds,5th march 1957 nkrumah and friends at the African Union States nkrumah and friends at the Union of African states nkrumah and friends on the eve of independence 1957 nkrumah and gamal abdul nasser at un general meeting.1960 NKRUMAH AND GOVERNOR ARDEN CLARKE NKRUMAH AND HIS COLLEAGUES AT LINCOLN UNIVERISTY 1935-45 NKRUMAH AND HIS ENTOURAGE AT A DINNER WITH RALPH BUNCHE 1951 USA NKRUMAH AND HIS OFFICALS DRIVING THROUGH THE STREETS OF ACCRA 6 MARCH 1957 NKRUMAH AND JOHN F. KENNEDY MARCH 1961 nkrumah and john foster dulless(U.S secretary of state)1958 Nkrumah and Kojo Botsio in his office nkrumah and press Dwight D. Eisenhower 1960 nkrumah and queen elizabeth 11 at a state banquet ambassador hotel NKRUMAH AND RICHARD A. BULTER 1957 NKRUMAH AND SECRETARY Nkrumah and the Duchess of Kent's NKRUMAH AND THE PEOPLE nkrumah and the queen at a state ball in Accra nkrumah and the queen on a visit to accra Nkrumah and The Queen of English on the grounds of Christiansborg Castle nkrumah and the town council in 1952 NKRUMAH AND TWO PRISON  GRADUATES NKRUMAH AND WILLIAM TUBMAN AFTER A TWO- WEEK VISIT TO MONROVIA nkrumah arriving at the un general assembly NKRUMAH AT A FUNCTION nkrumah at a rally at hotel theresa in Harlem.Malcom X seated directly infront of him Nkrumah at Accra Sports arena nkrumah at independence ball in accra nkrumah at the All-African People's Confrence nkrumah at the independence ball 1957 2 nkrumah at the independence ball 1957 nkrumah at the un general assembly 1960.2jpg nkrumah at the un general assembly 1960 NKRUMAH AT THE UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY nkrumah at the un general assembly2 NKRUMAH COIN nkrumah dancing with the queen a farewell ball in Accra nkrumah delivering his historic speech at the OAU 1963 confrence in Addis Ababa NKRUMAH FLANKED BY HIS TWO GENERALS NKRUMAH IN A CHAT WITH RICHARD A. BULTER AT GHANA INDEPENDENCE NKRUMAH IN A POSE WITH THE LINCOLN UNIVERSITY NKRUMAH IN A TETE A TETE WITH ARDEN CLARKE 1957 NKRUMAH IN GRIPS OF HIS NUMEROUS WOMEN SUPPORTERS AFTER RELEASE FROM PRISON NKRUMAH INSPECTING A GUARD HONOR WITH RICHARD NIXON 1958 nkrumah inspecting a guard honor with richard nixon.1958 nkrumah laying flowers at the Lincoln Memorial.Washington DC NKRUMAH LISTENING TO A SUPPORTER NKRUMAH MATERIAL NKRUMAH MATERIAL.jpg 2 NKRUMAH MATERIAL7 nkrumah meeting press.John F. Kennedy 1961 NKRUMAH MONEY NKRUMAH MONEY2 NKRUMAH ON A CAMPAINING TRAIL Nkrumah one NKRUMAH RECEIVING HONORARY AT LINCOLN 1951 nkrumah released from prison february 1951 nkrumah speaking at the un general assembly 1960 2 nkrumah speaking at the un general assembly 1960 3 nkrumah speaking at the un general assembly 1960 4 nkrumah speaking at the un general assembly 1960 5 nkrumah speaking at the un general assembly 1960 nkrumah speaking in Togoland NKRUMAH SPEAKING TO TRIBAL CHIEF.DEC.1959 NKRUMAH STAMP 9 NKRUMAH STAMP NKRUMAH TALKING KOJO BOTSIO.1959 nkrumah turn 47 on september 1956. nkrumah visiting and laying flowers at the Lincoln Memorial.Washington DC nkrumah walking Frederick Boland and Dag Hommarskjold.March 1961 NKRUMAH WALKING WITH MRS.KOLMA GBEDEMAH AND MRS.BOTSIO NKRUMAH WELCOMING AMERICAN EVANGELIST BILLY GRAHAM TO AFRICA 1960 NKRUMAH WITH DUNCAN SANDYS VISITING SECRETARY OF STATE FOR THE COLONIES AND COMMONWEALTH RALATIONS NKRUMAH WITH HIS MOTHER,MADAM NYANIBAH NKRUMAH WITH HIS SECRETARY WORKING.DECEMBER 1959 nkrumah's face was streaked with tears NKRUMAH'S RESIDENCE WHILE ATTENDING THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA NKRUMAH'S TRANSCRIPT nkrumah,amb.daniel chapman and kojo botsio at white house reception nkrumah,dubois,fathia and shirley Graham Dubois nkrumah,duchess of kent and sir arden clarke 6th march 1957 nkrumah,fathia and some traditional chiefs in Ghana 1960s nkrumah,fathia and their children at the Flagstaff house nkrumah,fathia,Du Bois nkrumah,fathia,Gamel and Samia with a nanny Nkrumah,Gbebeman and vice president Rcihard Nixon,leader of the America Delagation NKRUMAH,GBEDEMAH AND KOJO BOSTIO nkrumah,john foster and his wife at white house.july 1958 nkrumah,john foster and his wife,ambassador chapman and with his wife.1958 nkrumah,komla agbeli gbedemah and some members of the ghana police nkrumah,komla agbeli gbedemah,kojo botsio greeting members of the Ghanaian embassy.1958 nkrumah,W.E.B Dubios,President Nkrumah,Shirley Graham Dubios 1963 on 95th Birthday of Du Bois NKRUMAH NKRUMAH25 NKRUMAN AT A FUNCTION IN ACCRA FLANKED BY ABGELI GBEDEMAH AND KOJ BOSTIO,DECEMBER 1959 on the eve of independence 1957 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg 2 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg 3 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg 4 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg17 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg6 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg7 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg8 on the eve of independence 1957.jpg9 on the eve of independence march 1957.Nkrumah and friends os osagyefo 2 osagyefo 7 Osagyefo and Julius Nyerere of Tanzania osagyefo at the accra sports arena on independence  day osagyefo osagyefo10jpg osagyefo11 osagyefo12 osagyefo14 osagyefo15 osagyefo3 osagyefo4 osagyefo5 osagyefo6 osagyefo7 osagyefo8 osagyefo9jpg PENNSLVANIA GAZETTE PICTURE1 PICURE 1 pres.Dwight D. Eisenhower with Nkrumah 1960.United State president john F kennedy attends arrival ceremonies for kwame nkrumah to US.1961 president tito state visit to Ghana Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and Wiley Buchanan visiting US in 1958 PRISON COUNT QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 VISIT TO GHANA REV ALEC G.FRASER Richard M.Nixon and his wife greeting Kwame Nkrumah at Washington DC.USA Richard M.Nixon with Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah at the Airport at the United State sekou toure and nkrumah sekou toure tubman and kwame nkrumah stamp 4 stamp stamp2 stamp3 stamp5 Takoradi Habour.1925. THE BIG SIX The Christiansborg Castle was built as a Portuguese fortified house in 1550 The Gold Coast Cabinet the governor opening the budget meeting of the legislative assembly THE MAN OF THE  PEOPLE THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE4 THE MAN OF THE PEOPLE5 THE NZIMA LITERARY SOCIETY.NKRUMAH STANDING THIRD FROM LEFT the Queen’s visit to Accra the queens visit to Ghana 1961 TIME COVER VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON MARCH 1957 VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD NIXON MARCH 1957.jpg 2 viii wen 43 WHEN NKRUMAH WALKED OUT OF PRISON Working at his office x xii xiii ZHOU ENLAI,CHINESE PREMIER VISITED GHANA PLAYING TABLE TENNIS